the fresh new operating system for vertical farms at scale


one OS to control it all

all your farms in one place, accessible anywhere

clever tools for crop R&D

design the best plant recipes your farm can grow

automated end-to-end production

farming workflows focused on economic viability

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farm control

cloud-based remote control of all your farms, hardware systems, machines and sensors


easy setup & use

set up and configure your farms, grow areas, and hardware without breaking a sweat

secure access anywhere

remotely operate your farms anywhere on the planet using highly secure connections

farm in the cloud

live and historical insights allow you to create and maintain the plantiest environment possible

recipe lab

extensive toolbox to run crop experiments and develop recipes for production


orchestrate your plants

make your hardware collectively dance in ways that make your plants flourish

experiment, track & change

designed so you can hypothesize, test and adjust quickly and effortlessly

better plants, better yields

advanced grower tools help you improve harvest quality and yield


fully automated production, with end-to-end planning, scheduling, task management and tracking


model the outcome

plan ahead your facility output to match your customer's demand

automated marching orders

let the OS generate the battle plan, from seed orders to harvest and distribution

tools for the facility floor

specifically designed worker interfaces for task handling, logging and tracking

cut energy cost

plan your energy distribution based on peak and off-peak hours

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gingerOS is currently in development and will be available spring 2023

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