The seed is planted.

gingerOS basil is the first release of gingerOS, the fresh new operating system for vertical farms at scale.
With gingerOS, we aim to bring farm operators a digital platform that makes vertical farms easier to operate, scale and economically viable.

Farm control

One platform to run everything

gingerOS offers cloud-based remote control of all your farms, hardware systems, machines and sensors

Compatible with any vertical farm

Whether you use containers, racks, walls or towers, gingerOS is tailored to any of your farming needs.

Easy to set up, even easier to use

Configure your farms, grow areas, devices, and access everything securely from your own space in the cloud.

All your data points in one place

HVAC, nutrients, lighting & logistics. It all comes together neatly in one single collection of recorded data.

Up to date, all the time, everywhere

Live insights and alerts make sure your environments always deliver top notch plant growing conditions.


Clever tools for growing at scale

Extensive crop designer for developing and improving recipes tailored specifically to your farm

Design your own crop recipes

No matter the crop, our versatile recipe designer gives you full control over the plant's growth cycle.

Built-in workflows and tasks

Seeding, moving, transplanting & harvesting. Include all parts of the plant manufacturing process.

Try, learn & improve quality and yield

Easy editing & organizing allows growers to improve crop recipes quickly over time.

Co-designed with growing experts

Dutch agricultural heavyweights had a big say in what is on the screen, and it shows.


Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Fully automated production, with end-to-end planning, scheduling, task management and tracking

Let gingerOS solve the planning puzzle

Scheduling various crops across various grow areas in various conditions has never been so effortless.

A harvest date is all the system needs

The date when you have to deliver crop to your clients is the only input the OS needs to get started.

Everything else is auto-generated

Batch schedules, capacity calculations, operator tasks, production progression. All created for you.

gingerTask: the operator's buddy

Streamline the daily on-the-floor workload with dedicated task handling tools.

Business intelligence

Farm data for decision making

Essential performance metrics that are crucial for effective and successful farming operations

Schedule ahead and look behind

Gain insights into future, present and past production with user-friendly performance dashboards.

Bring your farm to fullest potential

Maximize the use of each square meter growing surface in your farm, all year long.

Slice data per week, month, year & client

Financial results can be sliced and diced in almost any possible piece of pie. Great for bookkeepers.

But wait.. there's more

Check out the sneak peek of the upcoming release of gingerOS romaine.